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Dance Medicine
Rehabilitation & Performance Wellness

Performing artists place unique demands on their bodies as they walk the line of athleticism & artistry. Having a healthcare professional who understands the demands of your movement style, be it classical, contemporary, aerial, or acrobatic can keep you performing at your highest potential and minimize injury down time & deconditioning. As a modern dancer myself, I understand many of these unique demands and as a physical therapist I'm well-versed in identifying and treating movement patterns that lead to injury. With the skilled care I provide we can prevent injuries before they happen, or expedite return to class/performance in the event of one.


"I sustained many injuries due to my active profession and my hypermobile joints. When I met Jessi, she began the unravelling process to get to the root of the issues. She worked to restore my mobility, range of motion, and stamina."

Leslie F.

​"She takes the time to get to know her patients and helps you to understand how to listen to your body while challenging you to make progress towards your wellness goals"

Sarah D.