Dancer's Health Fair 2022

The Dancer's Health Fair is a free day-long event consisting of workshops and health screenings for local adult & freelance dancers in the DC meto area. 


Much like the "Day of Dancer Health" held annually in Boston & L.A., this free event will allow dancers the opportunity to meet local Dancer Medicine Specialists working in fields such as physical therapy, nutrition, counseling, and orthopedic medicine.


Dancers can participate in free workshops, movement classes, and get screened for hypermobility, cardiovascular health, balance & coordination, as well as posture and strength.

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Workshops & Classes

  • Eating for Sustainability
    Sat, Sep 17
    Dance Loft on 14th
    Sep 17, 1:30 PM
    Dance Loft on 14th, 4618 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20011, USA
    Join Melissa Lineburg of eMpower performance as she shares insights into nutrition habits and eating for sustainability.
  • Fascial Work for Dancers
    Sat, Sep 17
    Dance Loft on 14th
    Sep 17, 2:20 PM
    Dance Loft on 14th, 4618 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20011, USA
    Join Dr. Lisa Clarkson PT & May Kesler PT, MTh for this interactive workshop exploring how healthy fascia can support & sustain your dancing.

Health Screen Registration 

During this free health screen a licensed healthcare provider will assess your vitals, cardiovascular fitness, screen you for hypermobility, look at your posture, check your strength & range of motion for any asymmetries, in addition to screening a series of movements important for dancer. 

This screen will also include a brief medical history which will be emailed to you prior to the event. Please fill it out and bring it with you to the event. If you do not have a printer, you may arrive 10 minutes prior to your slot to fill it out in person.


Upon completion participants will meet with a Dance Medicine Specialist to discuss the screening findings and create an action plan. Screens take approximately 60 minutes to complete, and participants must pre-register below as space is limited.


Athletic shoes are recommended for the 3-minute step test to assess cardiovascular fitness, but not required. Comfortable clothing should be worn but baggy clothes are discouraged as it may make it more difficult for the examiner during the musculoskeletal portion.


*This screen is not a comprehensive medical exam but may help identify any “red flags” that place dancers at higher risk for injury based on their overall health & mobility.